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Provides access to approved financial parties to a participant data ecosystem. We adhere to API technical standards and are dedicated to five core principles of user permissioned data sharing: Control, Access, Transparency, Traceability and Security.

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High-end solutions

FDX (Financial Data Exchange) is a non-profit entity with memberships from many financial institutions and financial data providers.

Speed of light

FDX has published a common API for financial institutions and financial data providers to follow for the exchange of participant financial data.

Industry standards

Empower has followed the API standard for participant financial data requested by data aggregators.

Release Notes

Version V.2.06

The /transactions endpoint will now support startTime and endTime using using ISO 8601 formatting with a one day span minimum. 

Ex. /transactions?startTime=2022-06-01&endTime=2022-06-02

Version V.2.05

Transactions within the last 90 days will be returned using the /accounts and /accounts/{accountId}/transactions endpoints.

Version V.2.01

Our current version of the FDX API is compliant with the 4.6 specification with some exceptions concerning personal identifying information.  The following sections contain PII and will not be included.

  • Account Holder Name
  • Statement and Tax Documents
  • Account Ownership details (Address, Mail ID, & Phone Number)
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